Measuring Diffusion of Particles in the Flowing Layer of the Rotating Drum Using MRI

A formalism was derived to obtain spatial distributions of collisional correlation times for macroscopic particles undergoing granular flow from pulsed gradient spin echo nuclear magnetic resonance diffusion data. This was then applied to axial motion in the shear flow regime of a 3D granular flow in a horizontal rotating cylinder at one rotation rate. It was shown that spatial distributions of random and nonrandom motions can be in a specific time frame leading to the estimation of the correlation time and the velocity fluctuation intensity near the free surface.

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Caprihan, A., Seymour, J.D. Correlation Time and Diffusion Coefficient Imaging: Application to a Granular Flow System (2000) Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 144 (1), pp. 96-107.

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