Measure of the Effect of Endwalls on Granular Flows

The velocity profiles of particles in 2D cylinders or near the endwalls of 3D rotating cylinders are significantly different compared to the profile far from any walls at the axial center of a 3D cylinder. For 2D flow, the angle of repose is larger and the surface flow velocity is faster compared to 3D flows away from the end walls and the mass flux must be conserved. In contrast, near the end wall of 3D flows, the transverse velocities are smaller at every depth compared to flows far from the end walls and the transverse mass flux is not conserved in the slice because the 3D flow has axial components into and out of the transverse slice.

Maneval, J.E., Hill, K.M., Smith, B.E., Caprihan, A., Fukushima, E. Effects of end wall friction in rotating cylinder granular flow experiments (2005) Granular Matter, 7 (4), pp. 199-202.

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