Granular Experiments at New Mexico Resonance

If you would like more information on our granular studies at NMR please contact Lori Sanfratello at: sanfratl (at) unm (dot) edu.

Granular Segregation Studies

Radial Segregation Studies

Density Segregation Studies

Size Segregation Studies
Axial Segregation Studies

Size Segregation Studies

Size and Density Segregation Studies

Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) to probe the internal structure and 3D force chain network of quasi-static granular materials

MRE image of waves traveling through PermaGel

MRE image of Force Chains in the interior of a 3D Granular Assembly

General Flow Characteristics of Granular Materials Studied using MRI

Quadratic velocity depth profile

Endwall effects on flow

Free surface velocities

MRI Imaging of Vibrating Granular Beds by Spatial Scanning

Diffusion Measurements

How we use MRI to Image Structure and Flow

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